About Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox

Gallery 6Beach City Drug  Rehab & Detox was created for you or your loved to provide a safe place for detox and recovery from alcohol and drug addiction to take place. We understand the ways in which substance abuse ruins lives and breaks apart families, however we believe we have found a solution for these problems.
The pages contained on our site give a brief overview of the services that Beach City Drug Rehab  & Detox  offers as well as continued care after substance abuse treatment. Our specialists take great pride and care in their work and the treatment options to provide the best recovery to meet, needs of any substance abuser, no matter how severe.
At Beach Drug Rehab & City Detox,  we offers a answer to the problems that once seemed hopeless. If you or someone you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol and need help, please contact us today to find out more.
Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox is a detox and treatment facility, that provides alcohol and drug treatment.We specializes in treating alcohol dependence and drug addiction. Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox  provides the most established plans for recovery available. If you or a loved one is having increasingly difficult problems with alcohol or drugs, rest assured that Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox has a treatment plan that can help. Our services emphasize individual welfare above all else and is our leading guiding principle.
At Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox, our goal is to provide the setting and resources to insure long-term sobriety for our clients. We begin by assessing the individual needs of the client and connecting them with a therapeutic program that includes the following core of services:
•   A safe and comfortable supervised detox, (when necessary)Beach City Drug Rehab
•   To ensure our clients are comfortable and safe.
•   To make a wide variety of services available to treat all the needs of our clients.
•   To introduce our clients to the recovery community through many resources of recovery.
•   To help establish our clients in the community and find work if desired.
•   To offer long-term living arrangements if required or recommended or as needed


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Beach City Drug Rehab is a community outreach  service for Socal Detox and Treatment Centers.