Treating Addiction and Prevention Relapse

Alcohol Rehab:

At Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox, we offer  specialize alcohol rehab programs specifically tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. Each client will undergo a clinical evaluation by a qualified therapist or medical physician, if necessary.  Medications may be required to assist with withdrawal symptoms, detoxification and any existing co-occurring disorders, and will be only issued by a licensed physician. At Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox, alcohol treatment programs use relapse prevention tools and techniques to handle internal or emotional triggers as well as external or environmental triggers that cause cravings for alcohol. From beginning to end, Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox provides alcoholics and those with co-occurring disorders multiple levels of support and recovery services. Please call today about our specialized alcohol detox and treatment programs that are available at Beach City Drug Rehab &Detox.  Specialists are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Drug Rehab:

You can enjoy your own personalized combination of detox and treatment services at Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox. After being admitted to a program it may be necessary to undergo an assessment with medical and psychological specialists to make sure healing is achieved. Case workers will create a plan for your detox and treatment, together they will review and revise as needed each week during your stay. As a part of detox and drug rehab, you will be attending group and individual therapy sessions, meditation, educational classes and more to assure success.  Before you leave, you will find yourself with an abundance of support in the form of peers and counselors, as well as, an extensive array of mental and emotional methods to fight off the desire to use. Our aftercare counselors will be available should you need further support in making your recovery successful.  Moreover, you are always welcome to enter any of our Extended Care Programs if you’d like to stay longer. If you think that our process might be what you or your loved one are looking for in detox and treatment programs, contact us today.


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Beach City Drug Rehab & Detox is a community outreach  service for Socal Detox and Treatment Centers.